Concept of Paradigm Shift: Back to The Oness → The Infinite Divinity ∞

Concept of Paradigm Shift: Back to The Oness -Manish Jain

The above represents author, Manish Jain’s, concept of Paradigm Shift: In this collage, there is a fictitious person, as an example, who experiences two paradigm shifts…one coming from a level of limited boundary conditions who started to realize life is not limited between three walls (lower left) and she/ he makes a leap into the open space world (upper left) and then this person had another ‘shift’ where she/ he realized this is still all an illusion and its time to go to the Oneness, where lies the ultimate ever present Peace and Love, Joy and Tranquillity.

Schrödinger’s kitty cat

schrodinger's cat wanted dead or alive

For anyone who is not aware of what this poster means, this is a quantum-mechanical based hypothetical proposal suggested by one of the all time great scientists by name of Erwin Schrödinger. According to, as quoted, “Schrödinger said that if you put a cat in a box with a poison that might kill it, at the end of an hour the cat has a 50% chance of being alive, and a 50% chance of being dead. According to quantum mechanics, since we can’t see in the box to know if the cat is alive or dead, the cat is both alive and dead. Of course, we know that this is not possible, nothing can be alive and dead at the same time. This is just what Schrödinger wanted to show.” There is another website, which probably provides a simpler explanation of what Schrödinger was trying to convey. The above specific cat is actually mine, who posed for me on the desk for this poster 🙂