Hello, my name is Manish and thank you for visiting Spiritual Artwork. As a child, I took interest in art but I drifted away from my passion for drawing. May be it was just the way life went for me. Then, in 2009, my life took worse turn I could imagine. My father who was very close to me passed away at just 60. That had a tremendous impact on me as I never lost anyone so close to me before this. I pondered a lot of time missing my father’s presence and drawing sketches helped me release my anguish in loss of his presence. Then one day I slowly started to develop passion for computer art based on spirituality. It really felt like a miracle as I never imagined myself trying something new and something that started to come very fluently for me.

By profession, I am a Scientist-Engineer. From my personal experience, spirituality has had an incredible effect on me both personally and professionally. It is the teachings of various spiritual teachers that has inspired me  to represent my thoughts in form of computer and hand-drawn art on Spiritual Artwork page. The blog is used as a tool to express my beliefs, which, as with most of us, will hopefully evolve with time. The underlying intentions however does not change which is to help us all grow spiritually, after all we are spiritual beings on a human journey…

I hope this artwork will help in inspiring you and improving the level of awareness. I like discussions and helping people. Anyone with any comments for improvement or suggestion is very welcome to write to me.

Thank you and blessings to you all. Manish

Spiritual Artwork © 2012-13, All Rights Reserved.

Always remember: ☯+✞+✡ +卐+ॐ+☸+☬ = ❤=

PS: Many of you may already know this but kindly do not misunderstand the swastika symbol above has anything to do with nazis. On contrary, this is a very ancient symbol historically used in many cultures in Asia (India, Tibet, Nepal, Japan), Mediterranean  and by Native Americans for centuries as a symbol of good luck and blessings.

Finally, but not least,… I hope you enjoy the website and find it helpful.

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    • Hello, Thank you for your message…these images are only located on this website. If there is something specific you are after, please send me an email. Kind Regards.

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